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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wild November deserves a wild Black Friday

By Andrew Young – November 16, 2016

  Dear all Raidmax customers & fans,
First, the Raidmax entire company & staff from around the globe would like to thank all of you for being such loyal customer throughout the year.
No words can describe our appreciation.
A lot of events happened during this year especially in the month of November when we just had the most “wildest” presidential election ever.
And of course throughout the entire election process, during the count, and the aftermath, it was wild.
Since I guess the word "WILD" describes the month of November, I have decided to do something wild-er for the BLACK FRIDAY SALE this year.
We are very proud to partner with, and able to work out deals, ideas and different time slots with them to make this Black Friday Sale possible.
Now we can officially announce the list of items that we will have with Newegg during Black Friday.
Hold your breath because…….it is wild……

Model number               Final Price       Duration
Ninja II A06WBO            $14.99             11/25-26
Viper GX 512WBG          $39.99             11/27-28
Viper GX 512WBR           $39.99             11-24-26
Vortex V4 404WUP         $22.99             11-23-26
Viper Ii A07WBU            $14.99             11/27-28
Cobra Z 502WBU            $29.99             11/21-23
Delta-i-WB                      $29.99             11/21-26
Viper II A07WBR             $19.99             11/22-24
Cobra 502WBG               $31.99             11/22-24
Monster ii A08WB          $31.99             11/27-28

RX-300XT                         $9.99               11/21-23
RX-400XT                         $14.99             11/21-30
RX-500XT                         $17.99             11/25-26
RX-530SS                         $24.99             11/21-30
RX-630SS                         $29.99             11/21-30
RX-730SS                         $39.99             11/21-30
RX-535AP-S                     $21.99             11/27-28
RX-635AP-S                     $24.99             11/21-24
RX-735AP-S                     $34.99             11/27-28
RX-700GH                       $49.99             11/24-26
RX-800GH                       $64.99             11/27-28

With cases starting at $14.99 & PSU starts at $9.99, it’s pretty wild.
Please shop wildly, I mean, responsibly.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrew Young
VP of Business Development

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