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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Online Shopping is the Future.

10:52:00 PM

By Andrew Young – November 30, 2016

  First, we like to thank all of our customers. Raidmax had a very successful 2016 Thanksgiving weekend. Our sales have topped previous years. And again, we want to thank all our customers. 

After the presidential election, half of the country was not pleased with the results. People were shaken. There are reports, more like rumors, stating the Americans will be on depression because the country is divided in half, which predicted could affect the economy. Some people are scared, some are this, and some are that. They were wrong. In fact, Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest day in the history of U.S. e-commerce. 

Consumers spent $3.45 billion online on Monday, according to Adobe Digital Insights; the spending was easily passed from the initial estimates from continuing a strong Thanksgiving Black Friday weekend. Adobe has been gathering retail data from 22.6 billion visits to retail websites over the Thanksgiving holiday. On Black Friday, a new record was set with $3.34 billion spent online. The number shows, American consumers are breaking records, making history and shopping just a little bit differently than before. Perhaps in their pajamas? Now more than ever people choose to shop at home, online style. 

What is Adobe Digital Insights? "Adobe Digital Insights publishes research on digital marketing and other topics of interest to senior marketing and e-commerce executives across industries. Research is based on the analysis of select, anonymous, and aggregated data from more than 5,000 companies worldwide that use the Adobe Marketing Cloud to obtain real-time data and analysis of activity on websites, social media, and advertising."
There you have it. American’s spending power is growing year by year. And let’s hope the economy will continue to grow in this country.

Andrew Young
VP of Business Development

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wild November deserves a wild Black Friday

1:30:00 AM

By Andrew Young – November 16, 2016

  Dear all Raidmax customers & fans,
First, the Raidmax entire company & staff from around the globe would like to thank all of you for being such loyal customer throughout the year.
No words can describe our appreciation.
A lot of events happened during this year especially in the month of November when we just had the most “wildest” presidential election ever.
And of course throughout the entire election process, during the count, and the aftermath, it was wild.
Since I guess the word "WILD" describes the month of November, I have decided to do something wild-er for the BLACK FRIDAY SALE this year.
We are very proud to partner with, and able to work out deals, ideas and different time slots with them to make this Black Friday Sale possible.
Now we can officially announce the list of items that we will have with Newegg during Black Friday.
Hold your breath because…….it is wild……

Model number               Final Price       Duration
Ninja II A06WBO            $14.99             11/25-26
Viper GX 512WBG          $39.99             11/27-28
Viper GX 512WBR           $39.99             11-24-26
Vortex V4 404WUP         $22.99             11-23-26
Viper Ii A07WBU            $14.99             11/27-28
Cobra Z 502WBU            $29.99             11/21-23
Delta-i-WB                      $29.99             11/21-26
Viper II A07WBR             $19.99             11/22-24
Cobra 502WBG               $31.99             11/22-24
Monster ii A08WB          $31.99             11/27-28

RX-300XT                         $9.99               11/21-23
RX-400XT                         $14.99             11/21-30
RX-500XT                         $17.99             11/25-26
RX-530SS                         $24.99             11/21-30
RX-630SS                         $29.99             11/21-30
RX-730SS                         $39.99             11/21-30
RX-535AP-S                     $21.99             11/27-28
RX-635AP-S                     $24.99             11/21-24
RX-735AP-S                     $34.99             11/27-28
RX-700GH                       $49.99             11/24-26
RX-800GH                       $64.99             11/27-28

With cases starting at $14.99 & PSU starts at $9.99, it’s pretty wild.
Please shop wildly, I mean, responsibly.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrew Young
VP of Business Development

Thursday, November 3, 2016

PC Gaming Case trend, too plain now?

11:33:00 PM

By Glenn Vonsquet – November 3, 2016

  This week is a very exciting week in Las Vegas, NV. It’s the week for enthusiastic manufactures or business in general related in the auto industry that wants to trick and pimp out the cars and show it off at the SEMA show held once a year in Las Vegas. Of course you get to see regular cars that get modified. Most popular are the Japanese cars such as the Civic, the Scions, etc. or Sport/Coupe cars models that gets modified a lot. But you already can see some of these types of cars on the streets that are tricked out and “suped” up. For me, it is always fascinating to see a random car that people usually do not modify, for example some regular sedan sized cars, such as the Ford Fusion, Volks Wagon Jetta, or even a Mini Van that gets modified looks very attractive and it’s where mostly the crowd gathers around watching, and you see their fascinated looks on their faces.

  This brings to my attention in PC Gaming industry. Many believe that PC modifying got the idea from car modifications. PC Modding having been around since the early 2000’s, I’ve seen the trend that it’s been going through. At first, it was just a regular boring beige box pc case with a side window. In the beginning, people used that boring beige case, bought a case cutter and applied acrylic window in order to make it a “see thru” case. Then the manufactures made cases with windows, some made it with an “X” window. Then there are different designs on the windows. When they ran out of window designs, they went with the front panel. There were many different front panels and different side windows, and the Raidmax Scorpio was the one that took the cake during that time period. Selling a mid-tower budget friendly case, seems everyone had the Raidmax Scorpio case back then. Then there were a lot of other different kind of designs and looks by many different brands and manufactures, where it got to a point it became a little hideous and the market got flooded with all different sorts of types of cases. Later on, the trend seems to be going for the “plain” & “elegant” feel. Many manufactures have been going toward this route, especially Fractal Designs. They do make nice cases, but I call them the Sub-Zero Refrigerator look in pc cases. I understand you want your PC to look nice, look like a nice electronic device in your home or room. But that’s too much like an aluminum mini-fridge for my taste.

  Sometimes, maybe stay out of the trend. Just because this year is the year of the zombie doesn’t mean everybody have to be a zombie in Halloween. Get the case you like, but make the lights or LED’s different from what the manufactures include. Adding anything different than the original is always a plus. Make some modifications in the appearance of the case to make yours stand out. Just like cars. People buy the brand and model they desire, and they modify it to stand out from all the same models on the road. If you are a car or auto enthusiast, you will modify your car and make it perform better, spend big bucks under that hood. And you’ll definitely modify the appearance of it as well. It should be the same for PC gamers or someone who sits in front of their PC 10+ hours a day. If you are an enthusiast gamer, you would modify internally, overclock, water cool, processors, cards, the list goes on and on. Once you have something crazy internally, you’ll need to also change the appearance as well. Be different & creative. After all, looks are important.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A surprising ESports Event on ESPN 2

1:22:00 AM

By Tori London – October 5, 2016

Last night surfing the TV, of course my favorites is always the Sport Channels. FOX Sports, ESPN. Around 2am, I came across one of my favorite channels, ESPN 2. Was thinking to catch some high lights from any sports, instead, they have an eSport event on. It was a re-run. When it comes to eSports, you’ll think of popular games such as Counter Strike, Dota, etc…. but this time, it was from a new & reinvented classic game, Street Fighter. I was very impressed and continued watching the program. The community seems pretty big, there were also international players around the world arrived to this event is held in Las Vegas with a prize pool of $101,000. When they showed the competitor that got knocked out of the competition, it actually shows their award/prize money. Just like how they showed the prize money won by the players when they get knocked out on the Poker World Tour. In fact, earlier this month, there was another tournament called “Brooklyn Beatdown” which is held at Brooklyn Barclays center, where NBA Brooklyn Nets play in their home courts. The prize pool is $75,000, the 1st place winner takes a hefty $30,000 home. Of course this is nothing compared to The International 2016, which was held in Seattle early August with prize pool of $20.7 Million USD.
The platform was played on a PlayStation 4. It was incredible to see that the competitors, all had customized arcade style joysticks, even the buttons were modified, mostly made by a brand called Madcatz. However, the PS4 was just regular PS4, nothing fancy about it. I thought the downfall of the event was to use PlayStation 4 as the platform. They should have made the players play it on the PC Platform with a tricked out rig. Remember, after all, this is on TV, and it’s on a very respectable network. Flashy modified PC gaming system will look great on camera.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


12:15:00 AM

Raidmax was founded in 1988 with the mission of providing the best solutions: specifically, meeting your requirements for innovative designs, excellent performance and quality products.

       In early 2003, Raidmax was the first to debut the design "Scorpio": an alien eye shape on its general front panel. At the time, it was the best ever hit in the gaming case business and almost every factory had owned
at least one similar design back in China. Two years later, Raidmax released another cutting-edge design, Samurai, and people who had seen the case itself instantly fell in love.

       After numerous global feedback, Raidmax is known all over the world. It is said our company is not only a case designer but also the perfect budget keeper. You can simply spend a little but you receive higher quality than you expect. 

       It has been more than 10 years since Raidmax began its work on its unique product lines and market position. The name of Raidmax is synonymous to gaming design and budget cases. In the United States, Raidmax is considered to be the best second tier brand; in Asia, it is said that only Raidmax can offer the budget cases with great designs; in Europe, with almost no brand management, Raidmax' followers are still showing their loyal support in many ways.